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Writing Assignment: ARVL – UAS Design and Operations Analysis

Writing Assignment: ARVL – UAS Design and Operations Analysis


Writer: we can use the UAV platform for this assignment to find missing hikers in the woods or eliminate wild pigs destroying farmers crops.


For this activity you will identify and examine a UAS application, construct a UAS design configuration, plan appropriate route (flight path) to conduct simulated operations, and analyze other critical factors to explore operational regulatory compliance. You will document and analyze your experience, including the identified discussion/writing elements in a document (approx 1,000 words), which must conform to the most recent version of APA formatting requirements. Use screen captures and open source images, as figures, to illustrate and support your work.

In support of this activity, you will need to perform and document the following:

 Info: Design and Operational Analysis Structure

1. Analyze and document the following:

· Use case (i.e., application) for a client who does not currently employ UAS, which would be supportable using hardware available in ARVL (i.e., your available toolkit; e.g., airframes, sensors, and other components required to successfully operate); discuss the specific need the use fulfills and what will be accomplished

· Customer or user, how they currently fill their need (if at all), and type of operation (public, civil, or military)

· UAS design configuration details, including rational supporting selection of components

· Regulatory framework to be used (e.g., Part 101/Sec. 333; Part 107; Public COA; Civil COA; SAC; etc.) and discussion of why it is most suited

· Overview of operation, including discussion of safety, efficiency, and effectiveness; identify how it differs from alternative users (e.g., civil from recreational and military)

2. In ARVL’s UAS Assembly Area, construct and save your UAS configuration. When complete, proceed to the Flight Planning and Simulated Operational areas to build, save, and execute an appropriate flight plan in conformance with your specified operational overview. Feel free to experiment with different elements/components throughout these processes; document observations, including effectiveness, areas for improvement, and further operational takeaways for inclusion in your written analysis. ( writer please see below of a build UAV and its characteristics as well its flight plan)

3. Select and identify the details of a real world area where your simulated operation could be conducted (lat/long coordinates, time of day/year) and identify what additional regulations and considerations would need to be met (e.g., State/Local laws and ordinances; unique geographical and weather features; airspace); provide detail and supporting evidence indicating how regulations affect real world UAS operations.

4. Further address how technology, components, or processes not included in ARVL (i.e., not available in your toolkit) could be used to extend or augment current capabilities; making the case for hypothetical acquisition (of real world equipment, not simulated). 

Your analysis should feature the following major headings:

· Introduction (featuring purpose of analysis and specific-application)

· Application Details

· Client (customer details)

· Design Configuration

· Operational Framework

· Concept of Operation

· Observations (from simulated design and operation, as well as real world regulatory/environmental analysis)

· Recommendations

· Conclusions

Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number (or description). Do not add punctuation or special characters. Submit your document by the end of the module week.























Please use this video as example for question no. 2 above.





This UAV has the following components:

4 stroke engine

80 watt generator

Auto control

Infrared sensor with gimbal

Laser Altimeter

GPS module

Fuel capacity 75%

Single antenna













GCS Trailer with Large dish antenna.





UAV flight path over Yosemite environment.

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